Is it a project or the name of an artist? One thing is sure, it’s a pool full of creative ideas. We’re talking about Tempting Tone, which is consisting of Alain “LoDrop” Stoll, but him only.

His parents both knew how to play the violin and his dad learned to play the piano by himself. So at an early age already, he wanted to learn to play the piano too. He got taught how to use his fingers to most efficiently travel across the keys and how to read music. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite happy with that. Unsatisfied, but with an urge to learn something new, he bought a guitar, took lessons and soon realized what he was after. It wasn’t the playing of the instrument and it never would have been. It was the song writing, creating something out of nothing that made him shine.

Years passed and so did the desire to write songs. But he never completely stopped playing the guitar or the piano, which turned into a keyboard over the years. He had a couple of ideas in his head, but never really worked anything out, so he started to build a foundation. In other words, he got software to record the ideas he had. Starting off with just recording the guitar and then trying to programm drums. He didn’t have a bass guitar or anything similar, so to capture ideas, he just recorded the electric guitar and then pitched it down by an octave. After a couple of months, probably even a year or two, he had a couple of tracks finished as demos and started sending those to recording studios all over the country. The responses ranged from “you’re never gonna make it” to “very good ideas, which we can turn into something great”. He decided to record 4 songs as PREWIND11, which was his former artist’s name, at the newtone studio in Brig. At the end of the session with a 4-song EP in his hand and a good sounding result, he knew that the only thing that would have made him happy, was if he actually engineered it himself. Now, the product was very good and professional sounding, but the process just didn’t satisfy Alain, because he wanted to be more involved in it.

After a “short” 6 month trip to military land, he knew what was next. He had to go to the states and fulfill his dreams. With that in mind he packed his bags and went to Los Angeles, the city of angels, for 10 months. He attended an audio engineering program at SAE Institute, which he successfully completed after 9 months of hard work and endless hours in the studio. Having to go back to Europe because the visa expired was not the best feeling, but he decided that this wouldn’t be the end of the story. So at home again he started to build a foundation of knowledge and equipment and kept on studying. In 2009, he finally decided to found his own record label jectified records, which is also a recording and production studio.

With all this new experience he is back to turn the music business upside down. The genre is preexisting: Pop/Rock, but this time mixed with elements that one might not expect at first, like synthesizer, hip hop drums and percussion. The first track is called Trapped. It reaches out to your deepest feeling and is filled with a sadness that makes you feel thoughtful, in a very subtle way. The second song is About Me, which is very creative, rich in variety, and chock-full of energy.

Right after he returned, he also joined a band as lead singer which is now called Sneaky Saints. After a year the bass player decided to quit, and Sneaky Saints as a band, determined to continue rocking stages all over the country, didn’t wanted to settle for a new bass player. So Alain picked up the bass guitar and it was clear from that moment, that they found a new bass player.

Currently, he is finishing his first mixtape called First Draft, which includes the songs About Me and Trapped.