3 Reasons This Year’s Fall Will Be Awesome

Every year when the end of August draws in, I feel the warmth of the sun being taking away from me. It’s like there was a life in me that’s being sucked out of my soul while watching the calendar move from day to day. The sun goes down at 9pm, 8pm, 7pm, and soon it won’t show at all because of the clouds and the foggy layer of grey above.

Have you ever felt like that?

Well, I promise this year will be different.

I will release 3 songs in 3 consecutive weeks, starting with a Justin Timberlake meets Natasha Bedingfield kind of ballad with a strong beat called Jump Through Fire.

Right after that will follow an intense James Blunt meets Colin Hay piano/vocal song that I wrote on a lonely saturday afternoon sitting in front of the piano and thinking about her. Her beautiful smile, and her laugh.

Last but not least I will put out an upbeat, fake-dubstep, epic, film-trailer-like pop song. It’s a Tinie Tempah has dinner with Ellie Goulding type of track that I initially wrote for the trailer of a movie.

These songs will be released every Thursday starting on tomorrow, October 18th. If you can’t wait until November 1st to get the last of these songs, you can go to www.TemptingTone.net and get all 3 of them right away.

I have to warn you though. Your life will never be the same again ;)

Tempting Tone Made The Top 100

I wanted to be the one telling you. So here it goes: I made the TOP 100. Yes, I signed up for this contest Newcomer Chance, based in Germany, and I made it to the Top 100.

The thing is, now I need all the help I can get. There will be a 2-week voting for all the Top 100 acts, and only the Top 10 will be able to perform live in front of a huge audience.

So, I ask you to help me make this happen.
Go to my profile on Newcomer Chance and click the button at the bottom where it says “Für Tempting Tone stimmen”.

Tip: You can vote daily!

Thank you in advance for helping me. You guys are the best.

Tempting Tone

New Music Coming To You

I will be releasing three songs within the next 3 weeks:

10/18/2012 – Jump Through Fire
A melodic pop song with a strong rhythmic beat.

10/25/2012 – Addicted
A piano/vocal song with lots of emotion that will hopefully bring you to tears.

11/01/2012 – Run This World
A more upbeat production with an epic bass and strings and lots of swag.

If you can’t wait until the release dates, why don’t you just sign up right here, and get the 3 songs for free and exclusive access to future songs before the official release dates.

I hope you enjoy the new music that will trickle down on you!

Talk to you soon!
Tempting Tone

Stop Complaining About The Music Industry and MAKE MUSIC!!

This is a really short post from me, because I am more interested in what you think.

I hear a lot of artists and musicians complain about the music industry and I get it. It’s hard for me too, it’s a struggle each and every day. But the question that’s on my mind is: does complaining solve anything?

I mean if you just worked that much harder, and instead of concentrating about complaining what’s wrong with the music industry, working to make it better. If you hate what’s on the top of the charts, why not create your own charts and rank music the way you find appropriate?

Tell me what you think. Is it really necessary to complain, or is there just not much we, as artists, can do. And if there is something what can you do?

Join the conversation.

Take care

Labrinth – Come In!

I have been listening to a not-so-new act for the past 5 weeks and I feel obligated to share his music with you!

He’s a British act named Labrinth, who has worked with Tinie Tempah on his album Disc-Overy. Maybe you know the 2 songs Frisky and Pass Out.

Anyways, he’s a really cool artist, with a beautiful voice and a wild production style. I urge you to check him out right here and give his music a shot.

I also wanted to tell you, that my single called Run This World falls a little bit into that style, and maybe if you liked Labrinth’s music, you might just as well like my songs. Run This World will be released on November 1st 2012, but you can get it for free, if you join my mailing list.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post.

Tempting Tone