Yes, I know this might seem like a tiny stepping stone, but it is actually rather difficult to achieve without any help.

I have a video up that has more than 1500 views, but I share that video with lots of people. This one on the other hand, I did not share with anybody.

So, yeah, have a listen, check it out yourself.

Feedback For One Of My Singles

I recently put up a video for one of the singles which is on First Draft, and I have been getting some really nice feedback.

So, I thought I wanna share this with you. Check it out and leave a comment.

If you haven’t bought the song, you can do so on iTunes or in my Store.

How can a phenomenal album like Adam Lambert’s Trespassing be so “unsuccessful”?

I have to get one thing out of the way first, I love Trespassing. I think Adam Lambert has created a truly inspiring and big record here. So this post is not about trashing someone who is a phenomenal singer and artist.

With that said, I find it very interesting that his album is not more successful. I mean let’s look at it real quick. Trespassing peaked at #1 of the Billboard 200 Charts in the first week. In the second week it wasn’t even in the Top10 anymore. Which makes it apparent that the first week all fans bought Trespassing and that was almost it.
What’s even more shocking is that both of his singles on that album Better Than I Know Myself and Never Close My Eyes didn’t do good. Better Than I Know Myself hit the Billboard 100 Charts and stayed on for only one week. Can you believe that, ONE WEEK!! Never Close My Eyes never even made it into the Top100.

I was stunned and it got me thinking why that is. He had a lot of success releasing Whataya Want From Me back in 2009, which was (co-)written by Pink. He is somewhat special and apparently the first openly-gay artist making it to the #1 with an album. But is he already to freaky or crazy to be mainstream. I mean Nicki Minaj is weird and Lady Gaga was successful because of her craziness.

So what does Adam Lambert got to do to get bigger and reach more fans with his music. Because I thought Trespassing would really give him that break. And even though Trespassing definitely delivered the goods, it couldn’t keep up. I’m just sad to see such talent not being more appreciated.

What do you think about Trespassing or Adam Lambert? Leave a comment below.

Talk to you soon

New Music To Discover

Usually I talk about my own music, but not this time. I wanted to dedicate this post to two other artists.

Adam Lambert, who recently released a new single “Better Than I Know Myself”, which I find very good and inspiring. I am very excited about his second album Trespassing which is slated for March this year.

The other artist you might not know. His name is T. Mills. He released lots of songs already and he’s still a rather small act. I stumbled upon his music incidentally and could not stop listening to it. It’s really nice music, somewhat comparable to my own.

I hope you enjoy listening to these artists as much as I do!

stay tuned

“That was truly beautiful & bittersweet…”

A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded a video of my new single More to YouTube and I have been getting so much great feedback, I still don’t really believe it. People wrote things like:

“…It so peaceful it almost makes you forget all your problems…”

“…awesome´╗┐ lyrics, creative video and a great vocal! job well done!”

“This is song is so beautiful..It really expresses the way i have been feeling the past few weeks.´╗┐…”

Check it out, leave a comment, and share it with your friends and family.

See you next time