I stumbled upon StumbleUpon

Hi everybody!

A couple of weeks ago I read an article about StumbleUpon and how musicians can use it to promote their music.

The funny thing is, I always thought of StumbleUpon as being some sort of sharing tool, like we need another one ;)

But after the post I signed up and tried it myself, even installed the StumbleBar, and I have to admit. I have been missing out on some many cool websites, blog posts, videos, songs, and pictures.

So if you haven’t tried StumbleUpon yet, I urge you to do it. Surfing the internet without any purpose whatsoever just gotten a lot easier.

Check it out, and while you’re at it submit music, videos, or posts of mine so other people can stumble upon it.

Take care
Tempting Tone

Debut Album Out!

The past couple of weeks have been really hard, but it was also very driving and inspiring. I worked towards the release of my first complete album.


It was released November 1st and it’s called First Draft. I had some difficulties putting together the tracklist, since I had so many songs and it was really hard to choose between them. So I decided to put out two different versions.
1. Free version: Includes 11 tracks of which I’m very proud and should give you a really good insight about Tempting Tone.
2. Deluxe version: Includes 20 tracks of which I’m even more proud ;) and will show you that I’m a chameleon when it comes to genres and styles.

I chose the name First Draft for two reasons, one because I liked the idea of something with the word “first” in it as a debut album, and second because it’s really a first draft. I mean you need to understand that this is a complete production and there’s nothing demo about it, but since the songs were being made within the past couple of years, different styles emerged within myself. So you could probably call it a mixtape I guess. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good quality or a demo production, just to be clear.

So, anyways, you should have fun listening to it, and since it’s free you can tell all your friends about it and there’s enough for everyone.

Also, the deluxe version is available for $7.99 only. You can pay more if you want to, but the starting price is truly this low. It’s also available on iTunes and the likes.

Take care
Tempting Tone

Turn Around Now! – A Tribute To The People From Fukushima

About 3 weeks ago, a colleague from work started a website (Energiewende JETZT), because he was really upset about what was and still is going on in Fukushima. He thinks, and so do I, this is the point where we need to make a change. I mean Fukushima is just an example, this could happen anywhere and we all know it. This is our last chance to turn to renewable energy and stop creating trash that we can’t dispose of.

Last week my friend and I talked about the situation in Fukushima for quite a while and his idea of making people aware of the problems that come with nuclear power plants. What we came up with, was the idea that I should make a song to help push the initiative along. So I started this project and I pretty much worked for 5 days straight, but I’m happy to announce that I made it ;-)

This is it, my new baby. You can listen to a snippet right here: Turn Around Now (Snippet). Also follow this Link to buy the song or get it on iTunes.

Below you can see the artwork for the song Turn Around Now, a tribute to the people from Fukushima. WE NEED TO ACT NOW!

turn around now - a tribute to the people from fukushima

Unfortunately, I have been kept busy by smaller projects like this one, but my mixtape will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Peace and take care

Welcome to Tempting Tone’s Official Website

It was raining and cold in January 2008. A Monday morning, when I went to the airport to catch my flight to LAX. That’s right, 14 hours in an airplane with hundreds of people I have never seen before and probably won’t ever see again. I probably have to mention at this point that I’m from Switzerland, Europe, hence the long flight.

The preparation for this trip was humongous. I couldn’t wait to see the city of angels with my own eyes. Before I left, every single person I told about my plans told me the exact same thing, “you’re gonna wanna stay there, and probably never even come back”. Well, with that stuck in my mind, I picked up my rental and drove onto the I-405 north towards North Hollywood. I stayed there for about a week at a guest house, until I could find my own place. I finally rented an apartment in Hollywood close to a cafe called Solar de Cahuenga, where I regularly had breakfast back then. So, now we’re at the point in the story where I should tell you that I didn’t just go to Los Angeles to relax, I applied at SAE Institute for a course called audio engineering program. The program took off quite fast and sure was demanding. But I wanted to do this and I studied because I wanted to.

The weeks passed by as quickly as the letters in this post. I couldn’t believe we’re already have way through with this program, which by the way was a 9 month course. I had to take a lot of tests and learned to work on different consoles, but it was always fun. I didn’t really have time to write songs, and unfortunately didn’t have time to record any of my music, even though I had the nicest rooms and equipment to hand. Which in the aftermath, I was kinda sad about.

I saw a lot of new things and had great experiences in Cali. All in all, it was marvelous! I met tons of new people and was very sad when the day arrived when I had to leave again. But the day came somewhere in October and I had to settle in again. It was then, that I just knew I wanted to make music, I wanted to live a life that was actually worth something to me. So I started looking for ways to make money off of my music, because let’s face it, there is no life without money these days. I quickly understood, I had to get a day job as a system administrator, which is what I originally studied, to get through the day. So the months passed, me working at a boring day job again and playing guitar at home, but sadly nothing changed.

In the summer of 2009, I founded my own label/recording studio and named it jectified records. After that I started buying equipment to fulfill my destiny, and by now I actually have released several singles by myself. I chose the name Tempting Tone for my own music mostly because it just appealed to me. I’m also lead singer and bass player in a band called Sneaky Saints and we’ve just released our debut album “Losing Your Mind”. Plus I collaborate in a couple of other projects with friends, such as State of Remorse.

I have done more modern stuff, with new elements, more Pop/Top40 kind of songs recently. And I really wanna make a whole album, but since then I decided to put together a mixtape with the songs I have made in the past couple of months. They range from hard rock to pop and I’m sure you’ll find them very rich in variety. The mixtape, named First Draft, is in the works, it’s in the mastering state and will be released soon. Now since I know you can’t wait to hear all of the songs on the mixtape I wanna give you the single for FREE right here, have a listen and decide for yourself. Honestly, I have no idea how long the freebie will be available, because I have gotten some criticism about it. People keep telling me: “NO, do not give away your music for free, people don’t appreciate music anymore, ….blablabla”. Whatever, after all, it is MY music, I do what the hell I wanna do with it. SO GET ON THE LIST AND GET IT NOW!

Just remember, no track on the mixtape is alike, after all it IS called a mixtape, so if you don’t like the single, get the mixtape anyway, you might like any or even all of the other tracks.

Leave a comment, ask questions or criticize. I will do my best to reply to all of them.

I am very happy that you’re here, and wanted to thank you in advance for reading this and basically for coming along!

Take care