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May I Introduce: T-pop

About a week ago I promised a new era would begin today. With so many genres to choose from, I still had to create my own: T-pop A pop-dance cocktail driven by guitars. If you cannot imagine how that would sound like or are intrigued and would love to have a listen, you can do… Read more »

Alex Da Kid – Remarkable Genius

Last week I posted an article about Imagine Dragons, maybe you remember. I was telling a story about how I didn’t like them at first, but only because I wasn’t open at all to new music at the moment of listening first time around. Well, I have followup to that blog post, because after talking… Read more »

Imagine Dragons

Now here’s a quick story…I know nobody likes to read anymore, they just wanna laugh and click the like button or forget they ever saw anything. But I promise this one is worth it. So, a couple of months ago, not really sure how long exactly, since time just flies by lately. Anyways, A really… Read more »

Pop Song – Pick Your Favorite

I wanted to create a list of cool pop songs in general, maybe songs that are topping the charts right now, but also pop songs from a couple of years ago. So, let’s see what songs I want to offer you to choose from: Grenade – Bruno Mars All I Do Is Win – DJ… Read more »