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Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay…The Ending We Deserve?

So, finally I’m done with the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve read all Hunger Games books within the past 12 days and I really liked them, I did. But unfortunately, I don’t agree with a lot of critics about the sequels getting better and better. I think the first book was by… Read more »

Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire…Or Boredom?

So, I finished the sequel to Hunger Games, called Catching Fire. Where should I start, it’s a very good and adventurous read. It’s getting a little annoying with that whole Peeta/Gale thing, but all in all it’s very interesting especially once they find out about the Quarter Quells. There’s always something that keeps you on… Read more »

I Was Shocked, Were You Too?

About year ago, when my girlfriend and I were on vacation, she read the Hunger Games trilogy and seemed pretty impressed and liked it. She made comments like “It’s quite brutal” and such. I was just catching up with the Harry Potter books and wasn’t really interested. So, pretty much exactly one year later we… Read more »

May I Introduce: T-pop

About a week ago I promised a new era would begin today. With so many genres to choose from, I still had to create my own: T-pop A pop-dance cocktail driven by guitars. If you cannot imagine how that would sound like or are intrigued and would love to have a listen, you can do… Read more »

Alex Da Kid – Remarkable Genius

Last week I posted an article about Imagine Dragons, maybe you remember. I was telling a story about how I didn’t like them at first, but only because I wasn’t open at all to new music at the moment of listening first time around. Well, I have followup to that blog post, because after talking… Read more »