Imagine Dragons

Now here’s a quick story…I know nobody likes to read anymore, they just wanna laugh and click the like button or forget they ever saw anything. But I promise this one is worth it.

So, a couple of months ago, not really sure how long exactly, since time just flies by lately. Anyways, A really good friend of mine suggested I should listen to Imagine Dragons, the song Radioactive in particular and sent me a YouTube video with that song. He’s a fan apparently and thought I might like it. I had a quick listen, but wasn’t really too excited about it, and maybe a little to uninterested to listen to something new in general.

Earlier this week, I was watching some quy talking about the pop charts and playing music that is trending and played It’s Time by Imagine Dragons. I didn’t even know that song was one of theirs and took time out of my busy schedule to listen to the full album Night Visions. And I must say I was actually blown away, and surprised to be :)

It’s varying in styles and moods and everything comes together so seemlessly.
I apologize for the snap judgement and revoke my previous opinion about Imagine Dragons. They are awesome, congrats on the success and the album itself. I wish you guys the best of luck.

Everyone if you haven’t had a chance to check the album Night Visions out, do so RIGHT NOW!!

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